Santa Fe Intellectual Property Lawyer Helps Guard Your Valuable Ideas

New Mexico attorney with unique experience to assist with IP cases

Complex intellectual property matters require an attorney who has both legal knowledge and the ability to comprehend technical details. At the Law Office of Timothy L. Butler, we use our legal experience and scientific background to protect clients’ ideas, inventions, trade secrets and other non-material property. Intellectual property disputes can have very high stakes, so strong representation is crucial. In state and federal court, we advocate aggressively for clients including entrepreneurs, businesses, programmers, software developers and others.

Comprehensive representation on trademark issues

We are all familiar with various forms of trademarks, but many people are unsure of the distinctions between different marks and the process for establishing them. We evaluate which mark suits your needs and then take you through the necessary steps, including:

  • Performing an availability search — We review what you intend to trademark to make sure that someone else’s rights are not infringed. This is an expansive review as there can be crossover between businesses that don’t appear at first glance to be in the same marketplace.
  • Electing the proper mark — Distinctive words, phrases, logos and other devices that identify a product or manufacturer can be protected. Trademarks are used to denote goods, while service marks identify services.
  • Enforcing trademark rights — The first step in enforcing a trade or service mark is to ensure that it is being used actively. If someone is diminishing or stealing your trademark, we help you address it promptly and forcefully.

The Law Office of Timothy L. Butler has built a strong reputation in the Santa Fe area for diligent counsel in trademark matters, licensing and all types of intellectual property litigation.

Working with creators to copyright works of information and art

Copyright law allows a person or organization to disseminate their information and ideas while maintaining the ability to direct how their creation will be used. This also applies to works of art and literature. We confer with you to learn your unique reasons for copyrighting one of your works. After that, we can evaluate how to control the sale, reproduction and use of that work once it has been made available to others.

Advising clients in matters involving trade secrets

New Mexico law classifies the theft of trade secrets as misappropriation. This usually occurs when an employee learns valuable non-public information that the company is trying to keep secret. The relevant information can range from scientific product data to sales information such as customer lists. Though theft of trade secrets is a crime, companies with a significant interest in maintaining the secrecy of intellectual property will often require execution of non-disclosure agreements as an added layer of protection. If you are aware of the possible misuse of your trade secrets, any delay in retaining an experienced intellectual property lawyer can be very costly.

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