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New Mexico lawyer helping employees confront their employers

New Mexico employers must maintain a work environment free from harassment, discrimination and retaliation. The Law Office of Timothy L. Butler represents employees subjected to these practices and pursues compensation. Attorney Butler has significant experience as both a legal advocate and an employee at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He can help you understand your rights and explain your options for protecting them.

Established law firm handling a full range of discrimination claims

The Law Office of Timothy L. Butler represents clients in proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the New Mexico Human Rights Division and in court for all types of discrimination matters, including:

  • Race, color and national origin — If you are being singled out due to one of these personal characteristics, federal and state law remedies exist.
  • Sex and sexual orientation — Unlike federal law, New Mexico law provides protection for those mistreated due to sexual orientation as well as gender.
  • Age — Policies and practices that negatively impact able employees over 40 are usually not allowed.

For cases of possible discrimination in these and other categories such as religion and disability, we have the real-world experience to present a strong case on your behalf.

Advocating to obtain relief for sexual harassment victims

Sexual harassment in the workplace is prohibited by the New Mexico Human Rights Act. Attorney Timothy Butler represents employees who have been subjected to unwanted physical or verbal acts of a sexual nature. This applies whether the harasser and victim are the same or different genders. The protection also extends to those who have been victims of misbehavior targeting their sexual orientation or gender identity. If you have been offered inducements or been threatened with punishment based on sexual overtures, you might be entitled to compensatory relief.

Pursuing wrongful termination claims when firings violate the law

New Mexico is an at-will employment state, meaning that a worker can be fired without any reason given. However, terminations for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons can be actionable. If you’re suspicious that the actual reason for your dismissal might be illegal, the Law Office of Timothy L. Butler can evaluate your circumstances to determine if a possible claim exists.

Litigating retaliation cases for whistleblowers who report problems

Rather than having a general whistleblower act, New Mexico law addresses different types of retaliation separately. Various employee protection statutes include sections prohibiting employers from firing, demoting or punishing workers for reporting violations committed under those laws. For instance, the statute banning discrimination also bans punishment for those who report discrimination against themselves or others. If you believe you’ve been punished for opposing any employer misconduct, the Law Office of Timothy L. Butler can give you the immediate advice you might need to pursue your claim.

Advising individuals who might have been defamed by former employers

Employers occasionally spread false information about a former employee, which prevents them from receiving another job offer. Though employers are protected for good-faith references, liability might exist if they knowingly or maliciously slandered someone who previously worked for them.

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